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Raw Virgin Organic Coconut Oil

Heritage Origins

Samoa Heritage Raw, Virgin, Organic Coconut Oil is a culmination of our passion for preserving our heritage, culture and connection to our Land. It harks back to the cultivation of Samoa's lush, organic and volcanic soil, which became a labour of love for our people and to our German counterparts in the 1800s.

The Germans and early European settlers left a legacy of harnessing our best resources and turning it into a commodity, that every household could own. As such, every Samoan uses coconut oil, in some form in their daily lives. It has become more than a symbol of good health, beauty and ingenuity, it is our Passion, and our Heritage!

The unique oil we manufacture is harvested from pristine coconuts raised in the era of German plantations. Organic by nature has been part of our legacy and philosophy and our oil is now Certified Organic by international standards body; BIOGRO, USDA, JAS.

When you are buying products from 'Samoa Coconut Cluster', the company behind the Samoa Heritage brand, you are dealing directly with a cooperative group of farmers who collaborated to make this company a reality.

Not only are you receiving the finest quality and value because you are buying from farmer, your funds flow directly back to communities where it is needed.

Thank you for your contribution.

Organic Pacific & Fair Trade

Right next door your neighbors and friends. You can help support our pacific families through good business relationships. The natural green forests and rich soil of the pacific is a true account of what they have to offer. This coconut oil is authentic Virgin oil. The high end sector of the market. Made by your neighbors for you. Share in the belief that working with our brothers and sisters in the pacific we can ensure the continued and on going relationship to fair trade.

Trade – Can we work together to achieve fair trade?

While New Zealand is a reasonably important trading partner for many Pacific countries, the region is becoming less reliant on us as their trading relationships with other nations grow. In 2012 6.7% of Pacific imports were from New Zealand, down from 8.6% in 1995.

In 2013 we exported goods worth $1,368 million to the Pacific, more than 13 times the $103 million we imported from the Pacific. We export similar goods to most of the larger Pacific markets. Dairy, meat, machinery, ships and iron all feature in New Zealand exports to Fiji, Papua New Guinea (PNG), New Caledonia, Samoa and the Cook Islands. Country specific exports include cement to PNG, and oil, beer, water and wine to the Cook Islands

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